Google's new feature stops annoying sales and fraudulent calls

Google announces a new feature on its Pixel 4 phones that automatically checks strangers' numbers and lets users know in real time who is calling and what

Google's new feature stops annoying sales and fraudulent calls
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The key to an upcoming US-only solution is that the phone rings for an unknown number a few moments after the original call, and Google artificial intelligence first listens to what the stranger has to say and gives the phone user a real-time transcript of the answers.

In the case of an automated call whose purpose is, for example, to cheat money, the system can, if desired, be configured to hang up the call itself and never even let the user know that it has been called. However, when it comes to calling, when you receive a call, information about who is calling and why is automatically displayed during the call.

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According to Google, the solution works on the device itself, and call information is not sent outside the phone. It also means that the solution works without a network connection or Wi-Fi. However, Google acknowledges that any calls received by Google Virtual Assistant will still be counted as call minutes with the telephone service provider.

While in the US you can make call control automatic, you can do so manually in both the US and Canada by requiring Google to check each call separately. In this case too, the user can see the real-time speech transcription and select the appropriate answer. For example, you can tell the caller through the digital assistant that you want to stop being bothered by this number.

Given that there is currently no English language at Google's Voice Recognition Bank, it is useless to hope that such a solution could reach our market in English in the near future. Therefore, it is a good idea to continue to maintain a critical mind when making calls from a foreign number and not to receive calls from, for example, foreign numbers. For more information on how to recognize and avoid cheating, read HERE!

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