Hacker discovers augmented reality view of what Tesla sees

This Is What Tesla's Autopilot Sees On The Road

Hacker discovers augmented reality view of what Tesla sees
Tesla Autopilot


A Tesla-owned hacker discovered an interesting augmented reality view of his Tesla “Full Self-Driving” feature code a digitally captured camera image of what the vehicle sees.

The Full Self-Driving add-on, which is said to allow full autonomous driving, has been in beta testing by a small group of car owners since October.

The hacker, known by his alias (and Twitter user) “green,” posted several videos of augmented reality views on Twitter last week.

"Green's" findings can be seen on his Twitter account, related posts can be found at this link.

"Dead code" and new features?

In addition, he also found the so-called "Dead" or incomplete, non-functional code. Such findings often refer to either features that were developed and that were discontinued, or rather to uses that are yet to come.

For example, the “ coast2coast ” found in the code sounds exactly like something that Elon Musk would ask you to type in - let’s make sure Tesla can drive through the US from end to end! After all, many amusingly childish extras come from his head - the name of Ludicrous, the driving mode that offers the best acceleration, is, for example, a reference to the parody film “Space Balls”.

Or " Party mode ", which makes the lights and doors of the Model X flash and wave at the beat of the music. Or even the nomenclature of models - S, 3, X, Y. Childish and very nice that there are manufacturers who do not take themselves seriously.

According to Muski, the $ 10,000 self-driving add-on is not just a small software update, but a big leap forward - it is a complete redesign of the software architecture.

Testers of the new feature quickly discovered that various flashing lines and other elements appeared on their Tesla dashboard that expressed what the car "sees" and detects on the road. However, it was not possible to assemble it with a camera image until the "green" code was displayed.

From there, in addition to the already mentioned coast-to-coast driving, he also found half lines of code for the functions " California Stop ", " California Boost " and " Chiropractor Adjust Skeleton ". It looks like more fun features are expected.

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