If you want a foldable phone, Samsung has good news for you

If you want a foldable phone, Samsung has good news for you
Samsung Z Fold


Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, has already released two folding screen devices. Next year we will get more, and already cheaper than before!

Recently, there have been rumors circulating on the web that Samsung is planning to retire its top-of-the-line Galaxy Note series this fall, and instead add a stylus to the standard equipment of future foldable phones.

Whether these sounders have a basis is not yet certain. However, we can announce something gratifying about Samsung's future folding phones now.

Namely , Samsung Roh's head of mobile business announced in a Samsung blog post that the company's range of folding devices is expanding, with the aim of making them more accessible to everyone.

He clearly indicates that future models will be cheaper than previous ones. Which is no wonder, because the circle of those who want to pay about two thousand dollars / euros is small and the technology will become cheaper over time.

Samsung's latest brochure Galaxy Z Fold2 so far was published in September at a base price of 1999 euros. The price has fallen quickly, according to hv.ee, Estonian resellers are currently offering it for 1488 euros.

Roh also mentions plans to extend Note's "favorite features" to other Galaxy devices. It is probably intended to add stylus S-Pen support to this spring's top phone (which could be called the Galaxy S21, for example).

As mentioned at the beginning, it is also believed that the S-Pen will be added to future Samsung folding phones. With two or three screens, using the stylus is probably more expected than using the single screen provided by Note.

Based on online speakers, Samsung will launch at least four foldable phones in the coming year, the next Z Fold in two variants and the next Z Flip in two variants.

We will probably get more detailed information on 11-14. January, when the big prestigious technology fair CES 2021 will take place in the USA.

Forte also asked Samsung representatives to comment on the sounds covered in this news. Answer: They do not comment on the speakers.

This year, Samsung released two folding phones, both tested and introduced by Forte: Z Flip and Z Fold 2 .

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