Tesla Model 3 Performance: I knew it was a fast car, but go into the woods, well!

Yes, Buy: Model 3 is currently the best electric car. Cheap enough (in the sense of electric cars), immensely fast and pleasantly childish. Everyone else is very good in just one category (like price or luxury), but Model 3 is multitalent

Tesla Model 3 Performance: I knew it was a fast car, but go into the woods, well!
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 Performance: I knew it was a fast car, but go into the woods, well!

Of the Tesla model range, my absolute favorite is the Model X. With these kayak wings, I would be ready to fly to Vegas and get married. Even though in general Model X, especially white, is very easily confused with the Moomin Mummy.

Of course, the electric motor, the incredible acceleration and technological solutions, but still, these doors…

At the same time, it has been difficult for me to handle my indifference with Model S, as Peeter Koppel loves to say. True, I have not been able to ride a version that basically puts everyone and everything on the acceleration lanes in the rearview mirror and is also ashamed of the Model S P100D in its "ridiculous" mode ( Ludicrous mode ).

Otherwise, the Model S is unobtrusive in appearance and the only thing worth mentioning is the large screen with its functionality.

Like the Nissan Leaf, but a little more expensive?

The Model 3 is like a baby Model S. in this sense, a modest BMW 3 Series car that most people overlook, not least because of the lack of engine sound.

Basically like the Nissan Leaf, right. Outstanding appearance, electric motor and nearly 400 km driving range. Model 3 prices start at $ 48,100, with Leaf's extended range at $ 46,000.

What can be so special here. Model 3 is not in Estonia anyway and you can't test it anyway. An overwhelmed hipster stuff that burns all Elon Musk's money and investor's fling. We don't even talk about quality of assembly. It's bad anyway. And at all, electric cars are actually even dirtier than conventional vehicles.

Please one pound of sour grapes, no need to pack, I'll start eating right away.

Kind people are kind

And then, as if from a clear sky, once again, a well-meaning car owner agreed to borrow his Model 3 , which had just arrived in Estonia, for a whole day. Forget the previous paragraph and give me the key card for this car!

What such trust and altruism does not know, but there are opportunities that are not missed.

What makes it all the more exciting is that it is not a competitor to Nissan Leaf, the base Model 3, but its strongest, Performance variant. The electric motors drive both the front and rear wheels, the tuning is sporty and Track Mode can be activated if necessary. Oooh…

Buttons? What buttons?

Have you heard that the buttons on today's cars are getting smaller and all functions have moved to the controls on the screen? You think it's stupid, dangerous and annoying? Obviously, don't even consider buying a Model 3.

It's not that the buttons are too small. There are no buttons. None. Just two strange wheels on the steering wheel and that's it. Maximum minimalism.

You open the hood, which, of course, has another luggage compartment, open the screen, open the glove compartment, and even activate the steering column movement from the screen and control it with the wheel housings on the steering wheel. If you hate screens, you hate Tesla particularly passionately.

What about assembly quality? It's still really crazy, right?

Relative. When you buy the $ 48,000 version, nothing's wrong. Of course, this is not Porsche quality. Ordinary middle class.

It is also known that most of the money goes to electrical technology, so a lot of plastic and may not be the perfect match for interior details can be forgiven. You'll also find it on "regular" premium cars.

It is purely cognitive. For example, the cost of a test drive car was approximately € 70,000. The price goes up due to power, technology and the like, and there is no need to change content. Just the feeling that you have such an expensive car, but the interior doesn't quite match it, is a little distracting. But there is nothing that would cause the goods to break.

White like a fairy skirt

Important warning. If you are a fan of light content like me and you are sure to choose a car with white seats then be prepared that they are white. Not light or white!

How to keep them as snow-white, I can't tell. Are clean people driving electric cars all of a sudden?

Instead, the biggest downside is internal noise at high speeds and coarse-grained asphalt. What is missing from engine noise comes back from other roars. The hope was that you would turn the car radio silent and follow the freeway with a quiet squeal, without buried immediately.

In the city and on very, very smooth asphalt, of course, everything is very frenetic.

Tesla, never grow up!

Has anyone ever thought that a car could play 6 different versions of party voices for directional sound? Can a car screen turn into a feather fireplace or game console? Obviously not, at least I can't imagine any German brand even considering Oktoberfest.

But why not, if technology allows! Tesla resembles a bit of a silly genius who reads quantum physics to the advanced for breakfast, and a little later puts a coworker on a chair or hides herring in a neighbor's car on a hot summer day. Have fun!

And so Tesla has added a lot of necessary and unnecessary features to the car during its software upgrades. The Navi map becomes the surface of Mars, the turn signal turns on, and the image of the car turns to Santa Claus on the screen. Come on, Tesla. You're on the right track.

The steering wheel becomes the car's game control

Equally playful, yet brilliant, is the use of a large screen as a console screen. At the moment it is possible to play very simple retro games and one childish race. For the latter, it is particularly acute that it works with the steering wheel and pedals.

Playing is not easy, too exciting or comfortable. But the direction is right. Why not watch Netflix in the car or use the same screen as a Playstation console screen? Not while driving, of course, but in general.

Tesla is on the right track in this regard and will keep trying, even if it is a party voice. Others, for some reason, are forced to use outdated technologies where the screen may already look good, but functionality is strictly and boringly limited to the car itself.

Computer or car?

The specific car did not yet have the Autopilot feature activated. For a very interesting reason, what makes this car even more like a computer.

The owner has had his own Tesla account for several years, but the owner account and this car have not yet been exchanged between the owners. Anyone who has ever struggled with account failures on Apple devices, for example, will no longer know what's up. The problem has been referred to Tesla customer service, now a response is expected.

The screen shows surroundings tracking, showing both cars and people. Probably other cars can do it, but not so coolly visualized. Science fiction, well.

Oh my god, this is not possible!

Now I'm talking about acceleration, okay. I caught my car, sneaked quietly through the parking lot that had become a construction site, turned to the main road and pressed. This is not a literary exaggeration, but I actually went head-to-head with my head. It's just not ready for that. Next time, you can push yourself against the seat before pressing, but this is the first time ... Unlikely.

I repeated this joke to my fellow commuters on several occasions. Once again, I'm not exaggerating when one slightly smaller female colleague virtually disappeared from the seat. He wasn't ready for it either, his legs were flying up and if I stopped the suddenly too fast momentum, he would have just slipped out of his seat belt. Screaming, of course, went there.

The internal organs want to come out through the spine, comparable to the harsh American mountains of an amusement park. The wonder is how the tires can carry it all on the road without flipping into strips.

It is even slow in the Tesla world

The brain also does not handle all this well because the voice is not normal. Silence, then pinch, and then a hyperspace opens in front of you. Also, nothing like the super sports cars that, when you roar, you feel the car shake, tremble and try to kill you. Tesla may be trying too, but you don't realize it. Deadly gas, not the Desert Eagle .50.

Official acceleration data is "as good" as 3.4 seconds to a hundred. I just can't imagine what it would be like to have Model Si's "Ridiculous" for 2.6 seconds. Or the mysterious roadster in 1.8 seconds. Abnormal.

Top Gear also tested Elon Musk's statement that the Model 3 Performance is a harder fly than the BMW M3 and not only on the straight but also on the circuit. Purely by time, Musk did not lie. Obviously, the Model 3 must stop before the recirculation (battery overheating) like the BMW M3, but still quite a sign of stuff. This car can also do things on the circuit.

Looking briefly on small roads near Tallinn, we can say that yes, a car weighing nearly two tons was lively and enjoyable. For obvious reasons, I didn't even try to get the car close to the border, let alone touch it.

So what's this Tesla Model 3?

A world-saving eco car, statement or sports car? The devil knows that.

As I compare most things with either the Viljandi Folk or the Alfa Romeo, indeed, for 70,000 Euros there would be a 510-horsepower wildfire named Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, which represents exactly this sports car's approach to speed. In terms of future technology, he has nothing against Tesla.

As the owner said, it's a practical toy, a nerd car. And that's probably the best rating. Model 3 Performance can be a completely boring and frenetic everyday car, which, with its nearly 500 kilometers traveled, is extremely economical and sensible. Nor is it a car to show that "I have a lot more money than you!" Nobody just understands.

With a few buttons, or well, with the touch of the screen, it turns into a completely insane rocket that no modern and versatile sports car can currently resist in 'traffic light'.

Fate played such cards on me that I confirmed this claim with an open Ferrari 488. The man had something to think about. For example, where did this “mazda” disappear and how… ?!

Touching even more buttons, this car turns into a slightly silly toy, and for me this car's essence - life doesn't have to be so damn serious!

Tesla Model 3 Performace

The engine 2 electric motors, four-wheel drive
Power 480 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 3.4 sec
The torque 639 Nm
Peak speed 261 mph
Range 530 km (WLTP)
Price starting at $ 65,590

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