The FBI Warning: Smart TV can spy on you

In light of Black Friday and e-Monday bargain sales, the FBI recalled that shopping days attract not only consumers but also cybercriminals write Wezto

The FBI Warning: Smart TV can spy on you
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While one of the risks is a privacy problem - the TV manufacturer and its application developers may have access to information that people would not want to access, then the hackers who can access the TV and who have a much worse intention of using the data are even more at risk.

"At the low end of the spectrum, that would mean switching channels, playing at volume, or showing videos that are unsuitable for children. But in the worst cases, they could turn on the TV camera and microphone and silently watch you without your knowledge," the FBI writes.

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Fortunately, FBI experts also came up with specific recommendations on how to minimize such risks and make your TV safe:

  1. Know what solutions your TV uses and whether it has a camera or microphone. You can control this with a simple web search - your TV model name and search terms microphone, camera or privacy.
  2. Don't trust the usual privacy settings. If possible, change all default passwords and know how to turn off the camera, microphone, and personal data collection.
  3. If you can't turn off the camera but still want to do it, sticking the camera will help (but it won't protect you from the sound being captured).
  4. Find out if the manufacturer has consistently brought security updates to customers. If not, buying a TV from a particular manufacturer is worth considering.
  5. Review the privacy policy of the TV manufacturer and the streaming applications you use - what information they collect and why. Make sure these terms are right for you.

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