Why aren't Aliexpress packages coming from China lately?

Andrew Williams, Webuze's director of e-commerce and parcel business, gave Wezto a lengthy interview in which he explained, among other things, what's happening lately at Aliexpress that parcels ordered there have recently been delayed or lost.

Why aren't Aliexpress packages coming from China lately?


Williams said it could not be blamed directly on China or China Post, but the quality of international postal service has clearly declined lately. “Volumes have grown and so more efficient channels are being sought to send things cheaper. There is very strong pressure on prices, ”he said.

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According to him, they have met suspicious and strange partners and very strange countries through which parcels are sent. “Last time we randomly received a packet of containers that came through Colombia. It is very common for shipments to be processed through Vietnam, Yemen or Azerbaijan, ”Williams described.

As international partners are looking for very cheap channels, there is also a risk that parcels will get stuck somewhere or disappear. “We are not engaged in international shipping, but we can clearly see that there are problems, the quality is lower than a year ago. There are new companies joining, who want to do it cheaper, ”said Williams.

Another thing to look out for is the shipment tracking number, which often gives the consumer the impression of the location of the shipment.

“There is a lot of consumer manipulation and dubious interpretation. It is often assumed that the shipment has reached its destination, but in fact it may not have even left China. But the dealer wants to show himself in a better light that he has already taken the goods. Then consumer resentment Webuze that how can it be that the package has been in the United States for months, "he said.

What can I do to make sure my packages still arrive in China? "Here's a tip for the consumer: Don't choose free shipping. Then you choose a service that does not have tracking information, ”recommended the Mill Master. "Take a little more expensive delivery, but make sure it's a registered shipment."

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